Steampunk, great idea for a themed ceilidh?

What is Steampunk?

Now that is a good question.  Try and imagine you are Jules Verne and attempting to foresee what the 21st Century might be like - well that is where Steampunk comes in - we are creating that imagined world with costumes and apparatus that Victorians would understand - Steam being one of them. Top hats, walking canes, uniforms, wonderful dresses, strange contraptions and tea drinking!  That sums it up pretty well I think.

So How Do You Have A Steampunk Themed Ceilidh?

Getting everyone to dress up is the main thing - collarless shirts, braces, uniforms, top hats, bowlers or pith helmets for the men and Victoriana dresses, boas, bodices/corsets for the women or other way round, we don't mind.  have a look at some of our videos for ideas on costumes. The more inventive and over the top, the better. The most important thing is to be SPLENDID.

TEA DUELLING has become an essential part of any Steampunk gathering and involves two participants siting opposite each other with a cup of tea each with a dunkable biscuit. They both dunk at the same time then hold the biscuit as long as they can. The loser is the one whose biscuit droops first. Great spectator sport........

Also gin drinking seems to be a key element to any Steampunk gathering, served in china cups with saucers so as not to offend the neighbours!  A subtle twist on Bingo is GINGO - some of the numbers give a small sample of an excellent gin with the eventual winner winning a full bottle! Excellent way of raising funds and having fun.

That's all you need really, leave the rest to us.  We have a few surprises up our sleeves to create the right atmosphere and make sure it all goes SPIFFINGLEY well!