An experienced CALLER to explain the dances - and the band and assistants help the evening swing along by encouraging the shy and the unsure and by DEMONSTRATING some of the dances

-A heart-felt DESIRE to have a REAL GOOD TIME

With MANY YEARS of EXPERIENCE you can be sure that your evening will swing along RAUCOUSLY!

Here is an easy guide to what we offer and how to book Lonely Mr Punch:
a full evenings entertainment, normally from 8.00pm to 11.00pm with a break for food or raffles etc. We also play a few break tunes and the dancing is helped by our dancing girls.

We have an excellent PA system and fantastic instruments which unfortunately means we cannot accept bookings in real agricultural barns because of the dust. The venue should be big enough to get as many people dancing as possible and the band will require space to set up and perform. An area of 4 metres x 2 metres is probably adequate but we can squeeze up a bit as we are all good friends! A stage would be good but not essential.

We have our own dance caller, Madame Belle, who will explain the dances. Madame Belle normally starts the evening with simple dances, progressing through more complicated moves, if the audience is up for it.  We always like to get you "stripping the willow" as this is a really entertaining dance. No previous experience is required and you will be surprised how much fun our dances can be.  For the uninitiated: imagine a barn dance or English country dancing that you might have done at primary school. Think right & left hand star, lines going forward and back, circle left and right, swing. Relatively simple figures, danced with a partner, usually in a 'set' of several couples, all explained by a caller and walked through before you dance to the music. That is the basis of the dancing.

We think weddings are great and have a very special introduction dance from Romania, which gets the party started.  Who could refuse to dance when it is the Bride or Groom that is inviting you?  Ceilidh's are a great choice for weddings as they are ageless - children to pensioners can join in and ceilidhs are the ultimate in social dancing.

How do you book LONELY MISTER PUNCH? simple! just fill in the enquiry form at the top of the page or just call Lee on 01777229004 and he will let you know when the band is available and give a price.  Cost does vary and is dependent on the kind of event and the travelling involved. (please enquire for prices on larger or corporate events).
We are based in North Nottinghamshire so cost could be prohibitive if you are in Devon or Scotland!

You can also e-mail Lee - lee@leesinclair.co.uk    

A quick note to festival organisers - book us for 2020 now!

Great bookings of 2017/2019 -
"Empire Ball", Asylum Steampunk Festival in Lincoln August 2017                                    
"A Spelndid Day Out" Steampunk Festival June 2017, Morecambe
"A Night in the Museum" Steampunk Festival, August 2017, Retford
"The Masquerade Steampunk Ball" at Retford Townhall, February 2018
"Lady M's Mix & Mingle", Asylum Steampunk Festival in Lincoln August 2018
"The Fuse Festival" Lichfield July 2019
"Halloween Steampunk Ball" Gainsborough Townhall November 2019

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