ceildh band at Ravenshead, Notts
Barn dance band in Lincolnshire
here are pics of Lonely Mister Punch some in full flow during our many ceilidhs and some from our new album
10 past 10.

Jill, our caller, will explain things and our dancing girls will help to encourage and demonstrate, making sure everyone has a great evening.
  Our dances are chosen to match our unique music and are not over complicated.
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Lonely Mister Punch playing at a wedding ceilidh
Barn Dance in Leicestershire
can you spot our lovely dancing girls helping the party to swing along?
Orcadian stripping the willow
Orcadian Strip the Willow
Barn dance band in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire
ceilidh at the Riverside Festival, Nottingham
Concert set at the Canal and Barge Festival Nottingham 2015
Asylum Festival Afternoon Tea Ceilidh August 2016
Otley Folk Festival Family Ceilidh 2015
steampunk ceilidh band
Nottinghamshire based ceilidh band
east midlands ceilidh barn dance band
nottinghamshire derbyshire ceilidh barn dance band
ceilidh band in Lincolnshire