Meet the Orchestra

Danny - aka -  Marquis Van Holland - Guitar, mandolin, banjo, box of tricks
The Marquis is the creative genius behind Lonely Mister Punch and is responsible for the unusual arrangements and many of the original tunes we play. He has played in many bands including The Works Ceilidh Band. His solo album "No Fixed Abode" received rave reviews in Folk Roots magazine and now available on Spotify.
Lee - aka - Earl "Sandy" Mckenzie Sinclair - melodeon, concertina and fiddle.
The Earl is the only "Folky" in the band and has been a musician and dancer for Kesteven Morris for many years. He has been in various ceilidh bands since the 1970's. He was founder of The Cock and Pullet Band, The Works, Our Dogs Brother, played with The Band From County Hell, Guested with Higgledy Piggledy, Flowers and Frolics and even the Dartmoor Pixies.
Ferny - aka - Lord Fern of Bingham - bass
Fern, to his friends, has been playing in bands for many years and can play a mean funky slap bass as well as the driving beat essential for ceilidh dances.
James - aka - Lucky Jim of Thorpe  - drums and percussion
Yet another superb musician that has played in bands for many years. His steady driving beat makes even the most reluctant dancers get up and have a go.
Jill - aka - Madame Belle of Bow  - caller and flute
Madame Belle's experience, especially as a caller, stretches back to the 1990's when she called for bands such as The Works, Our Dogs Brother and Def Shepherd. Her years of experience come across in the choice of dances which are carefully suited to the bands repertoire.

Madame Belle's flute adds to the unique sound of The Lonely Mister Punch.
Caroline - aka - Lady Caroline de Ker - Cello
A real musician as she can read the dots. Her cello and occasional bagpipe playing gives another dimension to the bands dynamic sound.
Barry - aka - Laird Bazza Ali Bongo of Paisley - Red Pipes
Bagpipe player extraordinaire! Our occasional guest, Laird Bazza, has played pipes since he was a mere nipper growing up in Scotland and adds a new dimension to our sound. From the powerful sound of the Scottish War Pipes to the gentle harmonics of the Northumbrian pipes, be prepared to be amazed. He was in Something Nasty in the Woodshed for many years.
Phil - aka - Viscount Philip of Hucknall - mixing desk
Our soundman Viz Phil is as much a musician as the rest of the band and knows each tunes complexities. He balances the sound so that you can enjoy your evening without having your ear drums blown out.
Dancers - Countess Catherine, Rt Hon Lady Zoe
Our dancers make us different to many other bands. They are there to help guide you through the dances and to partner those that haven't someone to dance with. They cajole the reluctant dancers and help the evening flow with fun and enjoyment.